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Bad play costs Jays another game

MLB: Game Two- Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Rays 7 Blue Jays 5 (8 innings)

This is a hard team to watch.

We just seem to continuously shoot ourselves in the foot. In the seventh, with Austin Meadows, the tying run, on first and 2-out, Yandy Diaz lined a soft one to right-center. It looked to me like both Randal Grichuk and Teoscar Hernandez figured the other was going to try to catch it. When it fell, Teoscar booted it and then lobbed it back into the infield, over the cutoff man, into roughly the middle of the infield. Runner scores from first and the game is tied. This was a big moment, had to get to the ball quick and make a good throw. Instead he kicks it and throws it no where. Just the tiniest bit of competence and the run doesn’t score.

We have too many DHes, but Teoscar really needs to be tied to that job.

Willy Adams for the Rays hit a 2-run homer in the extra inning (the 8th) off Wilmer Font

Vic Carapazza has to be the worst umpire in the league.

In the fourth inning, Vic, who had a huge strike zone all game, called a ball on Matt Shoemaker that was well inside his established zone that should been strike three. Matt was unhappy. Instead of 2 out and 1 on, it was 1 out and 2 on. After a strikeout, Yoshi Tsutsugo hits a three run homer. Another strikeout ends the inning.

Matt, walking off the mound is screaming into his glove. He’s really upset (and should be). And then he says stuff on the bench. A good umpire would ignore this, players deserve to vent. Vic isn’t a good umpire. Matt gets tossed. Charlie also gets tossed, we didn’t see it, so not sure what happened.

I got this tweeted to me:

I think it is true. And, it is, Vic shouldn’t be doing Jays games. He’s clearly not a unbiased umpire.

Not much more to say about that mess:

  • Grichuk, Guerrero and Alford all homered.
  • Grichuk and Guerrero had 2 hits each.
  • We had 0 fors from Tellez and Drury.

The FanGraphs page has merged the two games, so no help there for Jays of the Day

Let’s give to Vlad, Grichuk and Hatch. And to us for watching that mess.

Suckage: Teoscar. I guess Font earned one for the GW home run.

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