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Where do we go from here?

MLB: Game One- Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

So where do we go from here?

It is tough. There are a few things:

  • The mistakes aren’t going to stop in a hurry. We are playing 25 games in the next 24 days. It isn’t like there is going to a month to work on fundamentals sometime.
  • And, let’s face it, Teoscar’s played outfield since he was a teenager. If saying a few words to him would suddenly make him understand where to throw the ball from the outfield, it would have happened by now. He’s always going to make mistakes. We either live with them or go grayer faster. His bat’s been terrific since the All-Star break last year. And it more than makes up for his defense. But it is hard to watch. DH would be a good spot for him, if it could be opened up. But he’s hit 25 home runs, in 80 games, since the All-Star break. As much as his defense is going to drive me to an early grave, I don’t want to give up on 50 home run potential.
  • Firing the manager? That’s not going to be a fix this year for sure. There aren’t words that are going to suddenly make players do all the fundamentals perfectly. Next spring? Maybe. But now, it seems like it would be just doing something to make the fans happy.
  • Bo Bichette, I think, is going to be gone for longer than we’d like. If he’s back within a month I’ll be surprised.
  • Who is going to play short? In a world where service clocks don’t matter, I would happily call up Jordan Groshans. I’d likely do it anyway. Will the Jays? Not likely. Playing Groshans would be the best way to help his development, since there is no minor leagues, but the service clock is important to teams. File it under I’d love to see it, but there is no chance it will happen.
  • As much as we have been ganging up on Teoscar, I’m getting as worried with Cavan Biggio’s defense. To me, not making that catch yesterday is inexcusable. And it isn’t the first mistake he’s made. Again the bat is worth putting up with his occasional mistakes, but he’s going to have to start making the simple plays.
  • Vlad’s physical state? To me, he came into spring training in about the shape we could hope. Then all got cancelled and I’m sure, just like me, all thoughts of training disappeared. His play at first base really hasn’t been any worse than I would have expected. He seems to have an understanding of the position. There are going to be errors. No one learns a new position in three weeks, even if it is an ‘easy’ spot. I thought they should have moved him in spring training and give the month and a half to work on it.
  • Catchers throwing? I don’t understand why teams aren’t running on us more. I get the feeling I could steal against them right now. Last year both Jansen and McGuire were pretty good throwing out runners. Again the likely the lack of training time is likely a large part of it. But then other teams don’t seem to have the same problem. Though the Mariners have allowed 15 steals without catching anyone. At the other end, the White Sox have only allowed 3 stolen bases, with 4 caught.
  • We are the only ones having troubles, Lone Star Ball had this headline yesterday: 10-10 - Bad baseball comes back to bite Rangers in 10-6 series finale loss. Watching other game, there is a lot of bad baseball out there. The Jays are worse than most, but we aren’t the only ones playing bad baseball.
  • I think this season is going to be a test of our endurance. And it has been such a crappy year that bad baseball seems to be piling on. I hope the world gets back to normal soon. I’m going to try to enjoy the little things, a well executed bunt (even if I hate the move), a well turned double play, a hard hit ball, and stop obsessing about mistakes and wins and losses.