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Matt Shoemaker to IL

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

This year keeps hitting us below the belt.

The Blue Jays have placed Matt Shoemaker on the IL with right shoulder inflammation.

Jacob Waguespack goes back on the active roster.

This is the season for this type of injury. The Jays are also waiting for a second opinion on Nate Pearson’s arm.

What worries me is that these injuries could end up messing us up for next year. I’m enjoying the baseball, but I am thinking that playing this year was a mistake in more ways than just the players coming down with Covid.

I guess we have an explanation for why Shoemaker came out of his last start at 74 pitches.

With such a short season, even if there is nothing more than inflammation, Matt could end up missing most or all of what’s left of the season.

The Rays have eight pitchers on the IL. I’m thinking that most teams are going to end up with several pitchers out. How many injuries can a team handle?