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Jays lose to Yankees

MLB: New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Yankees 12 Blue Jays 1

That was a lot less fun than yesterday’s game.

Tanner Roark had moments where he looked very good. Through 4 innings he wasn’t awful, but the fifth inning didn’t go well at all.

He gave up a couple of runs in the first inning, a Aaron Judge single and a “triple” by Aaron Hicks. To me, it was a double and an error on Teoscar Hernandez who had it roll through his legs after it bounced off the wall. Actually, watching it again, it could have been a single, plus a two base error, because any decent outfielder would have cut it off before it got the to wall. A tiny bit of urgency would be nice on occasion from our outfield. A wild pitch scored Hicks.

The Yankees got another run in the fourth, Gleyber (you don’t meet many Gleybers. I get the feeling a Gleyber would have been teased a lot back when I went to school) Torres doubled and scored on a Gio Urshela single.

In the fifth, with one out, Kyle Higashioka singled, D.J. LeMahieu was hit by pitch and Judge singled home one.

In came Thomas Hatch. He was great early in the season, but he’s had troubles lately. His appearance went: single scoring two, strikeout, single scoring another, ground out. He was still throwing the fastball 96-97, but it is getting hit.

Chase Anderson was next. He threw two perfect innings, with 4 strikeouts and got the first two outs of the eighth inning, then it came off the rails. Double, walk, single, double (off the very top of the wall, the Yankees argued, but on review, it was off the wall) for Higashioka, who looks like Babe Ruth when he plays us.

Wilmer Font came in to get the last out of the inning. He had a terrible ninth, giving up a walk and three singles while getting just one out. With Pearson and maybe Romano likely to be coming back from the IL, I’m expecting Font to be DFAed at some point.

Ryan Borucki had to finish off the game.

We didn’t do much on offense against Gerrit Cole, who went 7 innings allowed 5 hits, 1 earned, no walks with 8 strikeouts. The single run came on a Cavan Biggio home run. One of our 5 hits was by Alejandro Kirk. He is a ton of fun to watch. Vladimir Guerrero, Randal Grichuk and Jonathan Davis had the other hits.

The Yankees had the same troubles we had a few weeks back, they wanted to bring in a pitcher, Tyler Lyons, who wasn’t listed on the lineup card given to the umpires. So Zach Britton came in.

Official scorer stuff irritates me. In the first inning, there was an obvious error on Teoscar, but wasn’t called an error. And then, in the eighth, a line drive was hit at Lourdes Gurriel. Gurriel (I think), realized he wasn’t going to get to the ball for an out, and that he was too close to play it off the hop, so he tried to stop, slipped and had the ball go by him. Originally, correctly, called an error. That got Buck to explain to us that you can’t have an error if you screw up so badly you don’t get your glove on the ball, a bit of reasoning that makes no sense at all. The scorer changed the ruling.

And, once again, I don’t understand why we don’t pull guys out of the game who are clearly hurting. Down by 6, Gurriel swung and missed and was stretching and rubbing his neck. It took, to me, far too long for the trainer to come out and then they left him in a game that we had a 3.4% chance to win. Err on the side of keeping guys healthy would be how I’d be running things, especially in a lost cause and a week until playoffs (hopefully).

The best part of the game, to me, was Jonathan Davis in center field. He is very smooth out there. It is nice to see a someone who looks like an outfielder playing out there.

No Jays of the Day today. Biggio had the high mark at .059 WPA for the home run.

Suckage: Roark (-.240) and lets give one to Bichette (-.082) to represent the batting lineup. Let’s give one to Font too (.000 WPA) because he couldn’t finish out the game and Borucki had to come in a finish out the game.

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