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Jays starting pitchers for first round

Toronto Blue Jays Vs Baltimore Orioles Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images

The Blue Jays announced their starting rotation for the first round of playoffs.

Game one: Matt Shoemaker

Game two: Hyun Jin Ryu

Game three: Taijuan Walker

I’d guess the plan is to follow Shoemaker with Ray. Putting Ryu in the middle game gives the team the ability to use Borucki in game 1 and 3.

The team also said that they might put Rowdy Tellez on the playoff roster. I’m still doubting but they know better.

I do like that they are making a decision without worrying about being second guessed. There is going to be a lot of complaining if this doesn’t work.

I don’t think that not using Ryu in game one is a big deal. They were going to have these 3 starters anyway. Two of them have to win. It wasn’t like Ryu would get into another game if he started game one.