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Jays season comes to an end

Not with a bang but with a whimper.

MLB: Wild Card-Toronto Blue Jays at Tampa Bay Rays Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jays 2 Rays 8

Unfortunately this one was over early. It wasn’t the way I expected Hyun Jin Ryu to do in his first (hopefully not last) playoff start in a Blue Jays uniform. Obviously the extra day of rest didn’t help.

Ryu wasn’t sharp and Bo Bichette forgot how to play short. By the end of the second it was 7-0.

In the first inning, Ryu gave up four singles, allowing just one run, helped out by a great throw from Lourdes Gurriel when Mike Brosseau tried to stretch his single into a double. Then, with 2-outs, Hunter Renfroe hit a ground ball to Bo, and, instead of taking a step and getting his momentum going to first, he threw it flat footed and well high. This one didn’t cost us any runs.

Second inning started out single and Mike Zunino home run. 3-0. Then it was out, double, out, walk followed by an easy ground ball to short. But Bo booted it. It should have been the last out of the inning, but instead Renfroe hits a grand slam and it was 7-0 and it was pretty much game over.

The Rays got another run in the third off Ross Stripling.

About the only fun we had was watching Nate Pearson throwing 2 innings of perfect relief, with 5 strikeouts.

On offense the only fun was Danny Jansen hitting two solo homers.

We had 7 hits total. Danny’s 2 and a single each from Vlad, Grichuk, Hernandez, Shaw and Panik.

Jays of the Day? Well, let’s give one to Danny and one to Pearson.

Suckage: Bichette (0 for 3, plus the 2 errors) and Ryu (7 runs, 3 earned).

That was a heck of a ride. What a weird season.

Thank you to everyone for joining with us for all the ups and downs. I’m lucky to have you all to share this little sandbox.

We don’t close shop for the off-season. We’ll be looking back at the season and looking forward to next season (presuming). And, among the other stuff, I’ll return to the OOTP season that we were playing before the actually season started. That should carry us through to Christmas.

We had 889 comments in the GameThread. I led us to crushing defeat.

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