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Monday Bantering: LeMahieu Rumors

Division Series - Tampa Bay Rays v New York Yankees - Game Four Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

I’ll admit, I’ve been distracted by ‘real world’ stuff this weekend and had a hard time focusing on stuff to write. In the good news category, my parents were to get the Covid vaccine yesterday. I haven’t heard if it actually happened, but that was the plan. Their area of care center they are in has had an outbreak. 5 workers and 5 residents tested positive. One passed away. It is a fairly small area, likely 25ish residents in that section. That they got the vaccine is a great thing.

And the stuff on the other side of the border is taking too much of my attention. I worry that stuff like that can happen here. We have our own ‘Proud Boys’ here. Someone already tried to get to the Prime Minister. Idiots have been harassing our politicians. I’d like to think we are above it but we aren’t.

But there is some baseball stuff out there.

DJ LeMahieu is apparently irritated with how slowly negotiations are going with the Yankees and is more willing to listen to other teams. At Yahoo Sports, Tim Brown wrote:

Teams that have engaged with the LeMahieu camp say LeMahieu expects more than Josh Donaldson’s four-year, $92 million deal with the Minnesota Twins and at least on par with J.D. Martinez’s five years and $110 million with the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees, LeMahieu’s preferred club after two successful seasons in the Bronx, have not met those terms.

I’m not on board with giving a 32-year-old middle infielder a five-year deal. And I think his power is Yankee Stadium (and before that Coors Field) driven. Career DJ has hit .359/.414/.628 at Yankee Stadium and .329/.386/.447 at Coors Field.

He has hit very well in Rogers Centre, .382/.398/.564, but that’s just 59 PA.

But would give us something to write about.

I would be ok with signing him if there is another big move. I really would like a center fielder, and I would like a starting pitcher.

Let's have a poll.


If the price tag was $110 million over 5 years I would

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  • 58%
    Be happy if the Jays signed him
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    Be unhappy if the Jays signed him
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Fernando Tatis Jr. is negotiating a long-term extension. Apparently, they are talking 11 years and $320 million. I think that’s a great idea for the Padres. I want our Jays to start talking extension with some of our young stars (maybe not at $30 million a year), but something more reasonable.

His Australian Baseball League team cut Manny Ramirez. This is only interesting because the Sydney Blue Sox wears a jersey like the Blue Jays (h/t Minor Leaguer).

Trevor Bauer spoke about his free agency. Short version: He doesn’t want to be part of a rebuild and he was happy playing in Cleveland, after being unhappy before, and he wants to continue to be happy. That sounds reasonable to me.

Tommy Lasorda passed away on the weekend. He has been a constant of my baseball fandom. He had a bigger than life personality. He sold baseball better than almost anyone.

Yeah, he was a product of his time. Denying his son’s sexual orientation even after his death is, well, something someone born when he was would do.

The Jays extended hitting coach Guillermo Martinez’ contract for 2 more years. I don’t really have an opinion on it. If the players are happy with him, I’m happy.