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Monday Bantering: 6 Jays on Baseball America’s Top 100 Prospect List

Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Happy Monday, the start of another week of hope that the Blue Jays will make some news for us to talk about.

Baseball America’s top 100 prospects list is out, and there are 6 Blue Jays on it:

14. Nate Pearson

19. Austin Martin

34. Jordan Groshans

69. Simeon Woods Richardson

79. Alejandro Kirk

96. Orelvis Martinez

The great free-agent chase is still going on:

I can understand players being unsure because the Jays will likely not start the season in Toronto. Obviously, playing in Toronto would be the most comfortable for the players. Playing in Buffalo or Dunedin would be different. The comfort of being in a city like Toronto Toronto, where there are endless choices for restaurants, where the player would have a permanent place to live that would feel like a home, would be so much better than being in a hotel in Buffalo (not that Buffalo is that terrible a place). If they end up in Dunedin, there are fewer choices in places to eat and live.

Most of us would want to know where we are going to work before taking a job.

The Blue Jays are having a ‘Virtual Winter Week’ this year, instead of their usual winter fest and winter tour. They will have virtual autograph sessions, question and answer sessions, contests, and other activities.

Since the tours have been just a one city thing lately, it isn’t a great loss not to have those. But the Winter Fest in Rogers Centre seemed very popular,