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Tuesday Bantering: Kirby Yates

Los Angeles Dodgers v San Diego Padres Photo by Denis Poroy/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday. I’m having a very slow morning. And since I’m 2 hours behind most of you are in the afternoon by now.

Hope you are having a good day, I’m just awaiting my presidential pardon.

Today’s rumor is that the Blue Jays are talking to Kirby Yates. He is at Dunedin today. Kirby didn’t pitch much in 2020. He had surgery to remove bone chips back in August and Ken Rosenthal tells us that he's being examined by Jays’ doctors, so they must be serious about offering a contract and Yates must be interested as well. It sounds like we should be hearing about a deal soon.

Yates had a pretty amazing 2019 season, he had a 3.4 fWAR (how many pitchers have had an fWAR over 3 in just 60 innings of work?), a 1.19 ERA, 32.0% strikeout rate, and 41 saves.

There are rumors that George Springer might be making his decision on what team he would like to sign with soon. I’d like to think that the Jays have a good chance of getting him, but who knows.

The Mets fired their GM Jared Porter for harassing a female reporter, sending her over 60 unanswered texts and then sending her a picture of a portion of the male anatomy that is best left unphotographed. His actions pushed her away from sportswriting.

We know that if he did this once, he did it several times.

I’m glad the Mets let him go, but I’m sure there are many guys like this still working in baseball. We’ve chased way too many women from baseball and other sports, not to mention other industries.

If you follow some female sportswriters on Twitter, you can see how many lousy people there are out there.