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Reacts: Most want universal DH

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Despite the baseball season being just a few months away, there are still major decisions left to be made.

Last season, among the many other changes to the shortened season, every team in MLB featured a designated hitter for the first time in league history. That decision was made just for the 2020 season. However, it was never decided one way or the other if the DH would also be used for the 2021 season or any year after that.

While the universal DH has been a hot topic for years, fans in both the National and American League appear to be coming to the same conclusion – the era of hitting pitchers should end. According to the most recent SB Nation Reacts survey, nearly three-fourths of fans want the universal DH for the 2021 season. Two-thirds of fans want it in place permanently.

Despite the majority opinion growing in favor of the DH, the debate at the heart of the matter still rages on. One of the most-used arguments in favor of allowing pitchers to hit is the managerial decisions and in-game adjustments needed late in NL games.

According to the survey, while a clear majority would rather see consistent offense over double-switches and late-game adjustments, the split is much closer to 50-50.

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