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Friday Bantering: Bit of Jays stuff

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

Thank you for the Birthday wishes. It has been a very nice day. and my wife is making me ribs for supper and a very nice, very labour intensive cake for dessert. I went out and got some beer to go with the ribs (if you haven’t tried Common Crown Brown, you really should). I looked at scotches but I have to finish a bottle or two before adding another. But I’m going to get myself something nice next time.

The Blue Jays traded Hector Perez to the Reds for cash, or a player to be named. The creates room for George Springer on the roster and closes the book on the Osuna trade. I had hopes for Perez, but they didn’t turn out. Such is life.

I would take this as a birthday present and be very happy:

Apparently, Kirby Yates met with the Blue Jays media. He said he hasn’t been promised the closer role (but I’m thinking that, if his arm stays attached through spring training, he’s the closer).

And he says his arm feels good.

It has been a rough little stretch for Hall of Famers. Today Hank Aaron passed away. I have a biography on him that showed some of the mail he got in the run-up to break Babe Ruth’s home run record. I hate thinking people can be that awful. That Aaron continued to play through all that and continued to be a positive person amazes me. I’d have locked myself away from the world.

I’d like to think the world is a better place than it was back then. Some days it is harder than others to hold onto that belief.

Aaron went into the Baseball Hall of Fame with 97.8% of the vote. The 2.2% shouldn’t have been allowed ever to watch a baseball game again.

My vote for worst current TV ad? The McDonalds ‘Big Mac Bacon’ ad. I’m hoping it has run it’s course before baseball season starts.