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Wednesday Bantering: Semien, Springer

Toronto Blue Jays v Oakland Athletics Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

It has been a fun couple of weeks for us Blue Jays fans.

The answer that got the most attention from today's George Springer press conference was Mark Shapiro saying that ‘most of the heavy lifting has been done’ and that ‘Ross and company will have to get creative to make more moves’ which appears to suggest that there won’t be more free-agent signings.

I don’t know if that is a ‘managing expectations’ statement or the truth.

We really could use a starting pitcher or two. It sounds like they won’t be big free-agent signings, so no Bauer, but I’m ok with that. I would like James Paxton if I had a vote.

I’m expecting there will be a trade coming, maybe not for a big name, but for someone who could be a 3-4 starter.

Beyond that....I don’t know why they let Simmons ask questions. What do you think Springer is going to say about cheating that we haven’t heard?

The other question I would love an honest answer to is the ‘why did you sign here?’ one. I really want to hear a free agent say ‘I signed here because they offered me a boatload more money than anyone else’. Be honest with us. No song and dance about what a great team you are joining or how you love Toronto and how great it is to have the ‘whole country behind you’.

The Marcus Semien signing came out of nowhere. Semien is in an interesting spot, if he has great season, he is setting himself up for a big payday next year. If he has another season like last year, be looking at taking short term contracts for the rest of his career.

I love the signing. I think the most important needs for the off-season was to improve the infield defense and the outfield defense and they have done that. I like that we are taking some pressure off Cavan Biggio’s glove.

Having Semien for one year give Groshans and Martin a year to develop, odds are at least one of them will be ready for prime time for 2022.

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No one from this year’s ballot is going to the Hall of Fame. The good news is that Scott Rolen numbers took a big step up and, odds are, he will make it. He has 6 years left to pick up the 22 percent he needs. I think he should be in.

Curt Schilling has asked to be taken off the ballot for next year, which would be his last time on. Which, to me, is the equivalent to saying ‘you can’t fire me, I quit.’ Schilling can read the tea leaves and knows he was unlikely to pick up the votes he needed.

The Hall has said that won’t take his name off, so we’ll get all the hand wringing again next year. I don’t understand why they don’t just take him off if he wants.

Some writers wanted to take him off their ballots after he spoke out for the people that broke into Congress. I can’t understand why that would have been the last straw. They must have known that would be his position. People keep saying that some don’t vote for him for ‘political reasons’, but if cheering for people who beat a policeman to death and wanted to kill others is political, we are doing politics wrong.

As much as I think Vlad should be left at first base, it might be best to let him compete for third. I think Biggio playing third would be a better use of our players. Biggio would have better range.