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Saturday Bantering: Semien signing official

MLB: MAY 19 Athletics at Blue Jays Photo by Jeff Chevrier/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Blue Jays officially announced the Marcus Semien deal. One year, $18 million (I’m not sure how much that is in cheese doodles).

And Robert Murray tells us the Jays are ‘in on’ Trevor Rosenthal. Rosenthal averaged 98.1 mph on his fastball, last year, and I’m all for any signing anyone that can throw that hard and find the strike zone.

The big news is that the Rockies traded Nolan Arenado (and a large amount of money, reportedly around $50 million) to the Cardinals for some prospects who might include LHP Austin Gomber, 1B Luken Baker, OF Jhon Torres, RHP Jake Woodford, and RHP Angel Rondon. I’m pretty sure the Rockies could have gotten better prospects for the $50 million without throwing in Arenado.

It seems like Arenado was traded because of disagreements with the Rockies GM. Personally, I’d have fired the GM before trading a star player for a bunch of lower-level prospects.

Rockies fans are less than happy.

Nolan has an opt-out clause in his contract after this coming season, but I’d imagine the Cardinals have already talked to him about that. Though I suppose that with $199 million left on his contract ($164 million after this season) odds are he would be opting out.

And the Phillies signed Didi Gregorius to a two-year, $28 million deal. The Jays were talking to him before the Semien signing.

Minor Leaguer has updated the roster tree. It is looking a little straight-lined. I hope no one wants to visit anywhere out of the way.

2021 Toronto Blue Jays Roster Tree Route Map, Version 5