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Tomoyuki Sugano returning to Japan

World Baseball Classic - Championship Round - Game 2 - USA v Japan

I had some hopes that he and the Blue Jays might come to an agreement. I don’t know how much the Jays were offering, but it didn’t seem like anyone else was really in on him. I don’t know if that says he was looking for too much money or that teams aren’t sure how to value him.

He goes back to play for Yomiuri but has an opt out next winter and that teams wouldn’t have to pay a posting fee then.

I can understand if he had some trepidation about coming to North America in the middle of a pandemic. I don’t think I’d want to move far away from what I know in the middle of this. If I was him, I might prefer to wait until next year, when, I hope, all this is over and the world is normal again.

I can also see the possibility that some players might not want to sign with Toronto without knowing where they will play this year. If they end up playing in Dunedin I can’t imagine it being as comfortable as being in a big city. Dunedin is a pretty town, but I’m not sure how easy it would be to find comfortable places to live.

Sounds like the Jays had a trade worked out but would only do it if Lindor would sign an extension.