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Who are you cheering for in the LCS

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry, I’ve been missing for a couple of days. I had to go up to Edmonton and deal with things coming off my dad’s death. I was planning to go up and back in a day, but they had a condo that we want to sell, and I had a few things to do with the realtor. So if you want a relatively cheap condo in Edmonton, and don’t mind that everyone has to know everyone’s business, boy, do I have a deal for you. Freshly painted and new flooring is being installed as we speak.

I listened to most of yesterday’s game on the radio, driving home, and Dan Shulman was terrific. And I liked the fellow in the booth with him.

I have no idea who I’m cheering for in that series. I guess the Astros because I’ve dealt with Boston Media before, and it is never a pleasant experience. But the Astros are tough to like, as well (kind of an understatement).


Which team are you cheering for in the ALCS

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  • 34%
    Red Sox
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I know that the answer is none of the above, but I don’t want to give an out.

In the NL....I like Alex Anthopoulos, but he hasn’t stopped that idiotic chop. If Mike Soroka were playing, that would tip the scale.

On the flip side, I dislike the Dodgers’ plan of just spent our way to a champion. I suppose I shouldn’t. It is better than being cheap, but it doesn’t seem like there are much for baseball smarts going on. It’s more just spend. And if one of the guys we are spending a lot of money on doesn’t work out, we just go out and buy someone else. But their fans don’t go ‘Oh, oh oh oh’. So that’s a plus.

And Dodgers Stadium was one of the first ballparks I ever saw a game. Saw my Expos there many years ago. It was surreal. It seemed like everyone had a radio on, at full volume, so Vin Scully could explain what they were watching.

I’ve told this story often, but we had pretty good seats in the first game we saw. In the second game, we were way up high. My wife was sitting by a Mexican boy and his dad. About the fifth inning, the Expos finally scored, and we cheered. The little boy asked Maureen, ‘why did you cheer?’ She said, ‘We are Canadian.’ The boy and his dad talked for a moment, and then they changed seats, the dad now sitting next to my wife.

I don’t know what ‘Canadian’ means in Spanish, but apparently it might be contagious. I suppose I should cheer for the Dodgers just for that little boy.


Which team are you cheering for in the NLCS?

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