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End of Season Thank You’s

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

It didn’t end the way we wanted. But still, that the team won 91 games in a division as strong as the AL East is something that we should celebrate. That they won 91 games despite:

  • George Springer being out for half a season.
  • Cavan Biggio being out for half a season and not being healthy/good when he was in the lineup.
  • Third base being a black hole. See above.
  • Roughly a dozen injured relievers. Most notably Kirby Yates and David Yates. But then there were several others out for various lengths of time.
  • The sudden inability of Tyler Chatwood and Rafael Dolis to pitch/find the strike zone.
  • The three different home ballparks. It does amaze me that there wasn’t even the hint of a revolt. If I expected to live/work in Toronto but then had to spend more of my time in Dunedin/Buffalo (and work in far lesser facilities), I’d likely be irritated.
  • And the disappearance of the offense for much of August.

Is pretty amazing.

We’ll be talking about all that stuff over the next few weeks.

This post is a thank you for hanging out with us for the season.

It has been a trying year. Living through a pandemic is not something we have had experience with, and it has been rough. We’ve lived through lockdowns and re-openings and restrictions and, in Alberta’s case, the statement that the pandemic is over and that we were going to have the best summer ever (it wasn’t). There are rumors of an announcement coming today. If they close my gym, I will be distraught (but I understand

But the one constant is that I could come here and focus on baseball. I can’t imagine what these last two years would have been like without baseball and this site. I’m pretty sure my sanity would be hanging on by a thread.

It has been great to have a place and friends to celebrate the good times and share the bad. Being happy in a group is better and being sad in a group is massively better.

So thank you to all for coming and commenting or just coming and lurking.

And thank you to Kate, Erik, Matt, Minor Leaguer, Siefert, and Expo45 for all the posts this year.

Even though the Jays season is over, we aren’t shutting down (though I’m hoping I will get a holiday soon). There will be much looking back at the season and looking forward to next year over the next few months. And we’ll have GameThreads for the playoff games come up.