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Reacts Poll Results: Many say Jays’ pen most to blame for missing playoffs

We had a rather amazing number of votes in our Reacts poll yesterday, just short of 3000.

The first question wasn’t fair, the team won 91 games despite playing in a very tough division and playing home games in three different parks. They had an amazing season.

But I thought it would be interesting to see what people thought most cost the team. And they thought the bullpen.

The pen did have a bad stretch. But then every part of the team hit a bad stretch at some point. Injuries played a big part in things. Had Springer been healthy for a larger part of the season, We’d have made the playoffs. I’d guess that if Yates and/or Phelps hadn’t missed the season we’d be looking forward to playoff games now.

Same if we had been able to play the season at Rogers we’d likely be in the playoffs.

Charlie Montoyo didn’t get a strong show of support from Jays' fans. I don't see any reason they shouldn’t be able to win with Charlie. He

In the National polls, people are almost split down the middle on who will win the AL Wild Card game.

On the NL side, the Dodgers are clear favorites in the NL Wild Card game.