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Wednesday Bantering: Bits of Jays Stuff

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Mesa Solar Sox v Peoria Javelinas Photo by Chris Bernacchi/Diamond Images via Getty Images

There really isn’t much for Jays’ news today.

We lost Matz to the Cardinals. Robbie Ray and Marcus Semien are still out there.

The Athletic has a post talking about the 10 MLB prospects who impressed scouts the most in the Arizona Fall League this year and you won’t be surprised by who is at the top of the list. Some of what was said about Gabriel Moreno:

Scouts saw a good approach at the plate. He isn’t cowed by two-strike counts, shortening up a bit while maintaining strength with his wrists. He creates easy backspin when he barrels the ball, and though he managed just one homer in the fall, scouts are confident the power will come as Moreno learns when to turn on a pitch. Moreno did have some issues against sliders late in the fall season, perhaps getting a tad overaggressive as his Mesa Solar Sox team marched toward a championship.

He has more athleticism than his 5-foot-11 and (stingily listed) 160 pounds suggest, and he figures to stick behind the plate. He is quick on his feet and has a quick release when throwing to second. (He also played two games at third this fall.) There might be some things to clean up technically – he could tighten up his receiving a bit, and sometimes got too backhand-happy when he needed to be blocking pitches in the dirt – but that polish will come with time.

I’d love to see him in Toronto this season, even if he plays third base.

Former Blue Jays prospect Kendall Graveman signed with the White Sox for $24 million for 3 years.

Mets’ owner Steven Cohen wasn’t happy with Matz signing with the Cardinals. Personally, I’d prefer owners to stay out of this sort of thing, but it gives us something to talk about:

Ken Rosenthal had a reply:

I intended to be at the gym by now, but the first two episodes of the Hawkeye series came out today. I may just sit and watch them over and over. Hawkeye has been my favourite since I was very young.

On the tennis front, I’ve tried out two rackets, I liked the one with the bigger head, but we’ll try some more. And I found out that tennis elbow hurts, but can be treated.

You can use the thread to discuss any news that pops up or anything else that you would like to talk about.