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Semien signs with Rangers

Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Mark Blinch/Getty Images

Not the news we wanted to hear.

Marcus Semien has signed a seven-year deal with the Rangers. Apparently, he will get $175 million from Texas.

More years than I’d want to give a middle infielder, but he might be worth it.

You disappoint me, Marcus.

And the Twins have signed Byron Buxton to a seven-year contract, worth $100 million +.

There are bonuses for MVP votes. He gets money if he is in the top ten in MVP voting:

  • 1st gets him $8M
  • 2nd $7M
  • 3rd $6M
  • 4th $5M
  • 5th $4M
  • 6th-10th $3M

And he can make up to $2.5M/year extra in PA bonuses.

Buxton will be 28 next season. He’s played more than 100 games just once in his career. But he is a heck of a player, great on defense, has speed and some power.