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Semien, Ray get Qualifying Offers, Matz doesn’t

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Minnesota Twins Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

We knew that Marcus Semien and Robbie Ray would get Qualifying Offers (and we know they will reject them). We didn’t know if Steven Matz would get one. As it turns out, he didn’t.

He did have a good season in 2021, putting up a career-high 2.8 fWAR (2.0 bWAR), but I’m not sure I’d bet that he could do it again.

Jon Heyman tells us the Blue Jays have made a multiyear offer to Matz but it didn’t accept it. I’d imagine they will continue to negotiate, but other teams will likely make offers.

And there is this from Houston:

$32 million a year sounds like a lot of money from here, but I guess he’s looking for longer than 5 years. He’ll be 27 next season, so a 7 or 8-year contract might be offered by someone.

And I’m enjoying Playa Del Carmen Mexico. The weather is great and there is plenty of good food and drinks. Nice to get away from the world for a few days.