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Wednesday OpenThread

Detroit Tigers v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Mark Blinch/Getty Images

I'm heading up to Edmonton to close the sale of my parent's condo (yay). It sold for more than I expected and far quicker, so life is good.

The CBA negotiations will start getting serious today (serious doesn't mean they will agree anytime soon) because the old CBA ends at midnight, and we are told everything will come to a halt when that happens. This makes me think it will be a long, long winter for those of us who write about baseball.

The players want:

  • Free Agency after five years or at age 29.5, whichever comes first. And arbitration after two years. Owners want six years and three years.
  • Players are saying 12 team postseason, owners 14. I'm not too fond of the idea of almost half the teams making the playoffs. It becomes like hockey where you have to have a crappy team to miss the playoffs and makes the season of less value/interest.
  • Players want luxury-tax raised to $240 million. Owners want it lowered.

And there is other stuff, of course.

With all the money spent this week, the owners tell us the game is in great financial shape. So I wouldn't think they would want to lose part of the season potentially. But never try to outguess rich people.

There are bound to be a bunch of signings today. Jays could still be in on a few guys. But, of course, I'll be in the car much of the day when these things will happen.

Use the thread below to discuss anything that interests you.