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Merry Christmas

I don’t have any Blue Jays tree decorations, but I still have an Expos one.

Merry Christmas.

It is a cold Christmas here. We had a lot of snow this week, so it is a white Christmas.

We are having a quiet Christmas day this year. We will have ‘Christmas’ on the 28th when my eldest son and his girlfriend come up from Edmonton. It will be nice to have a house full after a relatively quiet year.

We aren’t doing turkey this year. Instead, crab legs will be the feast.

It is another year that I don’t want for anything. I’d love an end to the lockout for Christmas. And I would like the Paul McCartney book. And, I want gyms to stay open in my little part of the world. But, I do understand that we need more restrictions. My mental health (not to mention physical health) depends on my getting some activity in.

Usually, I want some baseball books at Christmas, but nothing stands out for me. Currently, I am reading Curveball at the Crossroads (far too slowly) and enjoying it. A fiction book with a baseball theme. I also read Glitter of Diamonds earlier this year, a mystery set around a fictional Toronto MLB team.

Last year a resolution was to read more, and I made it through about two months before the resolve disappeared. I’m hoping to do better in the coming year.

I have reached the nice age where I get bottles of amber liquids as presents, which is very lovely, though I have too much in the liquor cabinet at the moment (but I’m working on it).

I hope you are all having the best possible of Christmases in these strange times. I will admit, this latest wave of covid is bothering me. I thought life was going to get back to normal in January. But, my family and friends remain safe and healthy, and that’s what’s really important.

Let us know how your Christmas is going.