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Saturday Bantering: Bits of Jays Stuff

Toronto Blue Jays beat the Baltimore Orioles in the last game of the season, but wins by the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox eliminate the Jays from the postseason Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

This lockout is going to make for boring times for us bloggers.

There were a couple of Blue Jays rumours that have come out in the last few days:

  • The Brewers talked to the Jays about a trade for Randal Grichuk with Jackie Bradley Jr. coming to Toronto. Instead, the Brewers traded for Hunter Renfroe from the Red Sox. Bradley hit .163/236/261 this year, but plays excellent defense and has some speed. He could have slid into the Jarrod Dyson role. Bradley’s to make $11 million next year, about the same as Randal, but then Randal has two years left on his contract.
  • Ben Nicholson-Smith reports that the Jays should have some money left to spend after the lockout is over. The team spent $161 million this season and came up a win short of the playoffs. I like the idea of Carlos Rodon, if we are allowed to make suggestions.
  • And there was a rumour that Freddie Freeman had contacted the Blue Jays to see if there was any interest. Since Vlad played first this year, it is hard to see how he would fit. I guess they could share first and DH, but I like having the DH spot open to rest guys or to let injured players ease back into the lineup. I’m not a fan of switching Vlad back to third base. I think moving your star back and forth between positions is not the way I’d like to run things. But Freeman is a great hitter.
  • Shi Davidi points out that the ‘stakes are high’ for the Blue Jays in the CBA negotiations. With a number of star young plays, losing a year of control would hurt. With a few players signed to big long-term contracts, if the team has to ramp up Vlad, Bo and Teoscar’s pay quicker than planned, they could have a larger payroll than planned.

I’m sure most of you have seen Rob Manfred’s note that blames the players for the lockout.

“Despite the lockout, we remain ready to bargain whenever the Players Association wants to bargain,” Manfred said. “And we are steadfast in our desire to get a new agreement.”

Yeah right.

One of the things I notice, every time there is a labour issue in baseball, is how many writers take the owner's side. Yes, I’m looking at you Buster Olney and Mark Feinsand. When a writer presents the owner's points without any commentary at all, you know where their allegiances sit.

Personally, I’m generally on the player’s side. I won’t cry if Rogers makes a little less money off the team. There are far too many billionaires out there, I’d bet ok with players getting a little richer. They tend to spread their money around.

I think it is funny that MLB has taken all the player’s pictures and videos off their website. They don’t seem to understand that we watch baseball for the players.