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Monday Bantering: Pedroia retires, Jays prospect stuff

And other bits

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American League Wild Card Game 2: Toronto Blue Jays v. Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Mike Carlson/MLB Photos via Getty Images

A new month, or Groundhog Month, just the same month over again. But then this month might possibly have the start of spring training. I am so looking forward to hearing about which players are coming into camp in their best shape ever.

And it is Groundhog day tomorrow, which means the movie will be on TV all the time. It is one of those movies that, whenever it is on TV, I have to watch it. But it is on Netflix and that will be a much better way to watch. On the radio this weekend a movie critic was saying that her original review of Groundhog day was that it was a horror movie. A man is caught in a loop and there is no way out, he relives the same horrors time after time. She said that, as we have been living it for the past several months, she’s more convinced she was right.

There isn’t much for Blue Jays news today.

In non-Jays news, Dustin Pedroia announced his retirement. Since he has played nine games in the past three years, it doesn’t come as a surprise.

Pedroia is one of many many who looked to be a sure Hall of Famer at age 30, but then injuries ruined what should have been the back half of his career, stopping him from picking up the bulk numbers needed to get in.

When he was younger, he was a very good, if very annoying player. He retires with a .299/.365/.439 batting line, 140 home runs, 138 steals, and a 51.6 bWAR. He has a Rookie of the Year, an MVP award, 4 All-Star teams, and 4 Gold Gloves. He will still get Hall of Fame votes, but I can’t see him getting in.

I can’t say he was one of my favorites but can appreciate that he was a good player. Even if he looks rather punchable.

MLB gave the Players’ Association a proposal for a 154 game season, starting a month later, with extended playoffs, universal DH, and full pay for the players. They know the players won’t accept it.

The extended playoffs is a major bargaining chip for the players. They aren’t going to give that away without getting something back and since there is nothing in the proposal that benefits the players, there is no reason for the players to say yes.

I don’t think that putting off the season for a month is a bad idea. I am sure the owners are hoping that if they move things back a bit, they will get more games with paying fans in the stands. But, they aren’t going to get extended playoffs without offering the players something in exchange. And they know that.

Baseball Prospectives has released their Top Ten Blue Jays Prospects.

They have:

  1. Austin Martin
  2. Nate Pearson
  3. Jordan Groshans
  4. Alejandro Kirk
  5. Orelvis Martinez
  6. Simeon Woods Richardson (who they say might make his debut this year)
  7. C.J. Van Eyk
  8. Alex Manoah
  9. Gabriel Moreno
  10. T.J. Zeuch

Just missed outs include Leonardo Jimenez, Miguel Hiraldo, Eric Pardinho, Jackson Rees, and Kevin Smith.

I’m not sure about Martin over Pearson but I’m glad we have both.

Keith Law posted his ‘just missed out list’ for his top 100 prospects. He has Jordan Groshans on that list, saying:

Last year I wrote this about Groshans: “A full, healthy year in 2020 will help establish just how advanced his bat is and whether he has the power to be a star even in a corner.” Ah, well, it was a good thought, but because of the pandemic Groshans hasn’t taken an at-bat in an actual game since May 2019.

He doesn’t like that Jordan was “rotating his hips early and cutting off some of his power”. and has no information that he has fixed that.

I don’t know, I think moving him back because he didn’t have any at-bats in league play isn’t fair, but it is his list and he can do what he wants with it. It is a tough year to judge prospects since we don’t have any numbers to look at. All I do know is that Jordan is having an amazing season for me in OOTP baseball in 2025. An MVP type season, which is going to cause me all sorts of payroll issues.

This is just stupid and insulting:

How can a corporation that makes billions afford a few baseball players if the money they make is in Canadian dollars? Only the Yankees should be able to afford to play baseball players.