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Wednesday Bantering: Keith Law ranks Jays farm system 3rd in MLB

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MLB: JUL 17 Blue Jays Summer Camp Photo by Julian Avram/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We are eight days away from pitchers and catchers reporting and 12 days from the rest reporting. The first spring game is scheduled for the 27th, but that might change. The first few games may be shortened to 5 or 7 innings.

Keith Law posted his 2021 farm system rankings. He has the Blue Jays system third, behind the Rays and Cleveland. About the Jays he said:

They’ve drafted very well in the last two years, including landing the player I had at No. 1 on my board in 2020 in Austin Martin; they’ve found a slew of high-upside position players in international free agency; and they’ve done well acquiring prospects in trades, enough so that they’ve been able to flip the script and trade away some lower-tier guys in deals like the Taijuan Walker trade.

He goes on to say that he had six Jays in his top 100 prospects, one in his just missed out, and 4 more that would ‘comfortably fit’ in his next 40.

Baseball America also has the Blue Jays third in their ranking of farm systems.

With all the players who have graduated to the majors in the last couple of years, I’m surprised that we are still ranking so high.

MLB has a new ‘code of conduct’ pertaining to sexual harassment (I’m presuming they are against it, but it is hard to tell at times), including a ‘hotline’ for people to call to report on a problem.

Their real problem is that people in power don’t seem to care about hiring people who are known to harass others.

Anytime the Blue Jays want to sign another starting pitcher or two, it would be ok with me. Paxton or Walker would make me happy. Before spring training starts would be best.