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Reacts: Most don’t want the season shortened

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Much about the 2021 MLB season is still unknown, but the league appears to be moving forward despite concerns over COVID-19. Last season the season was more than cut in half to only 60 games. There doesn’t seem to be a need for the 2021 season to be shortened to that degree, but there has been talk of cutting games out of health concerns.

According to the most recent SB Nation Reacts survey, fans want things to go back to normal with a full season. Nearly two-thirds of fans around the country said they hope the season isn’t shortened at all.

Even among the 38 percent of fans that would approve of a shortening, many don’t want a large chunk of games taken away. 72 percent of fans want at least 141 games played, with only 16 percent asking for 121-140 games and 12 percent calling for fewer than 120 games.

In addition to health concerns, there have been calls for the season to be shortened over the years. But those feelings aren’t shared by the vast majority of fans surveyed. More than three-fourths of fans wouldn’t want any shortening of the season to be permanent.

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