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Better know your Blue Jays 40-man: Rafael Dolis

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays-Workouts Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Well, Blue Jays, time to have Dolis speak to the press; thank you.

A year ago, when the Jays signed Rafael Dolis, we didn’t know all that much about him. He had last pitched in the majors in 2013 for the Cubs. In between, he spent some time in the minors and four seasons in Japan.

In his four seasons in Japan, he had a 2.49 ERA in 208 relief appearances. In 206 innings, he gave up 158 hits, 61 walks, and 227 strikeouts. He also had 96 saves.

But we didn’t know how that would translate to the major leagues.

I still don’t know how it translates, but he had a terrific 2020 season. He had a 1.50 ERA (though he gave up 5 unearned runs, so his run average was 3.76) in 24 games. In 24 innings, he allowed 16 hits, 14 walks, and 31 strikeouts. His FIP was 3.02. Batters hit .193/.316/.277 against him. He struck out 31% of batters (or perhaps they fell asleep waiting for him to throw the ball) and walked 14%. Almost half the batters facing him didn’t put the ball in play.

Last year he threw:

  • Sinker: 55.5% of the time, averaging 95.0 MPH.
  • Slider: 20.2% of the time, averaging 94.1 MPH.
  • Splitter: 19.1% of the time, averaging 86.9 MPH.
  • Four-Seam: 5.2% of the time, averaging 94.0 MPH.

He started the season as setup man, pitching in the sixth, seventh, or eighth inning. But, when Jordan Romano went down with an injury, he spent September as closer. He had four saves in September and one earlier in the season. This year he looks to be back in a late-inning setup man, along with Romano and, apparently, Tyler Chatwood.

I’ll admit I grew to hate how slow he was on the mound. I’m sure I yelled, “throw the damn ball,” a few times. I’d like to see Dolis go more than an inning occasionally (he pitched 1.1 three times, the longest Charlie would leave him out there).

I also think that he, Lourdes, and Bo should do a shampoo commercial together.

PECOTA is predicting that he’ll pitch in 57 games and a 3.91 ERA.

ZiPS figures 54 games and a 3.51 ERA.


If the over/under on Dolis’ ERA is 3.50 I’d take the

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In the over/under on Dolis’ innings pitched is 55, I’d take the

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