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Off-Topic Thread: Make Your Super Bowl Predictions

Super Bowl LV - Preview Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

There is a football game on today. You might not have heard about it. Last year we went to the bar to watch and it was packed. This year, we’ll watch it at home, which is too bad. Though I don’t think I could go into a crowded bar. I won a coat last year (I wanted the beer fridge), but the coat has been useful. We’ve had a very cold winter.

The game starts sometime after 6:30 eastern.

This year we have Tom Brady to watch in the big game for a change. Won’t that be different. The Tampa Buccaneers vs the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Chiefs are apparently the favorite. Point spread is 3.5.


Which team are you going to cheer for?

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The Weekend is playing at halftime, which I guess means they have used all the ‘classic rock’ acts that are still around. I don’t remember, have they had the Eagles?

I don’t really have a team, but I guess I’ll cheer for the Chiefs because Brady has won enough. But I don’t care.

Give us your prediction for the score. And any other prediction you want to share. MVP?

I’ll guess 31-27 Chiefs. But that’s a total guess.