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Monday Bantering: Marwin Gonzalez

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Cleveland Indians v. Minnesota Twins Photo by Harrison Barden/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The Super Bowl was a disappointment. Maybe it would have turned out better without the pair of iffy penalties just before halftime. Or perhaps without the poorly thought out Chiefs’ timeout during the same drive. At least the game could have been a bit more interesting.

Everyone is saying that the Blue Jays have interest in Marwin Gonzalez. It seems that the only reason for being interested is that he plays a bunch of positions. I thought we had Cavan Biggio for that.

Beyond that, I don’t see the point. He’s had one good season, 2017, when he hit .303/.377/.530 with 23 home runs, good for a 4.0 fWAR. His next best season for fWAR was a 1.6.

As I’m sure you know, 2017 was the season the Astros used sign-stealing to help out their offense. Other than that one season, he’s been incredibly average.

I’d be more excited about his defensive flexibility if I thought he played any of those positions particularly well defensively.

The Rangers traded Elvis Andrus (and Aramis Garcia, and money) to the A’s for Khris Davis, Jonah Heimand, and Dane Acker.

I wouldn't mention it, but Andrus is my favorite Ranger of all time (well him and Sam Dyson). Yeah, it is because of the two errors in game 5.

Andrus hasn’t been good in the past three seasons, hitting .260/.306/.378, but he can still play decent defense (when it isn’t game 5). He is 32 now. I generally don’t expect middle infielders to get better after the age of 32.

Eno Sarris and Ken Rosenthal, over in the Athletic, tell us that MLB is deadening the ball for this season.

“It’ll be like adding five feet of outfield walls to every wall in the big leagues,” the analyst said. But it’s hard to know the specifics without knowing what the drag difference will be. The memo mentions nothing about the drag, which has been a major factor in differences in how the ball has performed in the last few years. Drag is more difficult to control than bounciness, one source said. Others felt the drag difference would be negligible.

I think playing with the construction of the ball is a bad idea, but we’ll see.