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Tuesday Bantering: MLB Covid Safety Protocols

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Toronto Blue Jays v Detroit Tigers Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

I don’t know what it is like where you are, but it is freezing here and will stay that way for the next few days.

Baseball Prospectus has released their Pecota projection for MLB standings. They have the Blue Jays finishing with 84.9 wins, which would have them third in the AL East, trailing the Yankees (97.4 wins) and Rays (86.4). They have the Red Sox at 80.0 wins and Orioles at 66.3.

Let’s have a poll:


If the over/under for Jays wins is 86.9 I’d take the

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By unanimous agreement by the 29 other MLB teams, the Mets signed Jonathan Villar. He will get $3.55 million plus incentives. Mets’ writers should brush up on their synonyms for ‘error.’

MLB has announced their Covid safety protocols. The Athletic has it all, but the stuff that we’ll notice:

  • 7-inning double-headers.
  • Runners starting at second base in extras.
  • No DH in the NL.
  • Teams will be allowed to carry up to five players on a taxi squad on road trips.
  • And there is a bunch of social distancing rules. Players and people traveling with the team must wear “a Kinexon contact tracing device” at all times.
  • This one interests me:

Vaccination for COVID-19 will be voluntary for all players. However, MLB and the MLBPA will strongly encourage players to undergo vaccination at the appropriate time.

I would think that they would want to make getting the vaccine mandatory.

  • Teams will be limited to 75 players and 75 staff at spring training.
  • Players will be tested ‘at least’ every other day.
  • The rules on letting batters pitch will be ignored this year. Any player can pitch at any time.
  • Waiver rules will be ignored for players needed to fill in for a Covid outbreak.
  • Everyone on the field but the players must wear masks.