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Opening Day: Opening Lineup and Roster

Members of the Toronto Blue Jays wearing grey line up during the National Anthem before opening day at Tropicana Field. Mary Holt-USA TODAY Sports

OPENING DAY! And yes, I’m wearing a Blue Jays jersey.

Usually, before now, we know the Blue Jays roster. For years, the team would email the opening day roster for the Jays and all the full-season minor league teams. As the minor leagues aren’t starting until May 1st, so we won’t see where our prospects are landing for a while.

But the active roster should be released soon, hopefully before I hit publish.

Opening Day might be my favorite day of the year. And this year, maybe there is a little extra with how strange the world is, I can watch a game, and the world is normal for a few hours. I’ve watched more hockey this season than I have since I was a kid. And I’m likely going to watch more baseball than I have in years too, I’ll give my a workout.

We have the opening day lineup:

I always feel bad for the players on the Injury List at the start of the season. It is sort of like missing the first day of school. On the first day of school (most) of the teachers aren’t expecting you to work, get to see your friends. Then your friend, who missed the first few days, shows up, and the teachers are in work mode, and it is like, ‘oh, you are here.’

Finally, the opening day roster. No Reese McGuire, he has been DFAed along with Breyvic Valera. Lots of pitchers. A bit surprised that Joel Payamps makes the roster.

If you want to buy yourself a little treat for opening day, FOCO has an Ace bobblehead. It is very nice looking (they don’t make cheap-looking bobbleheads, but they also aren’t cheap to buy). I own a couple, and I really like them.

If you want to share your favorite Open Day memory, please do.

For those of you on the south side of the border, SB has a deal with ESPN Plus. I know nothing about it, but if it helps you, great.

And we have a deal with Fanatics too: