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Tuesday Bantering: Teoscar Hernandez tests positive

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

After my vaccine shot yesterday, I have a slightly sore arm and I had a little bit of a fever last night, just enough to keep me awake. Tonight’s game better not go late.

The bad news off the top: Teoscar Hernandez tested positive for Covid. I just told, just yesterday, that managers wearing masks was just ‘theater’, it doesn’t matter that they wear them worn, because all the players had the vaccine. Ummmm no.

And, even if it is theater, why not do good theater. Everyone who wants to has seen Cats. Let’s do a good theater instead.

Anyway, there is no word on Teoscar’s condition or how long he will be out. It will be, at least, ten days.

Nate Pearson is throwing BP today. Thomas Hatch will throw in the bullpen and Tyler Chatwood ‘played catch’.

And don’t be expecting George Springer to make an appearance in the lineup soon, he isn’t coming along on the Jays road trip.

Yesterday’s plate umpiring didn’t exact quell the call for a switch to robo-umps. This last pitch of the game is the best advertisement to get rid of the ‘human touch’ for calling balls and strikes.

The overall marks:

Today’s lineup:

In the Star Gregor Chisholm had his mailbag. One of the questions was “whose slow start worries you?”

His answer seemed fair:

But even though I’m not worried about the offence as a whole, there are some individual players I will be monitoring closer than others. Two concerns for you: Rowdy Tellez and Cavan Biggio. Is Tellez the guy who put up a .688 OPS in Triple-A Buffalo or the guy who got hot last year and finished with an .886 OPS for the Jays? Right now, he looks more like the latter, but there’s time for that to change. I think Biggio will be fine but he’s someone who maximizes his skillset and doesn’t have much room for regression. This is a big year for both players and should be treated as such.

They both will get a long leashes. Biggio longer of course. And Gregor is right, Biggio gets the most of

Tellez, to me, seems to be a streak-hitter. Hopefully there will be a good streak soon.

Off topic, but with the pandemic and without anywhere to be in the evening, we’ve been watching Jeopardy pretty much nightly. Aaron Rodger has been a better host than I would have guessed. He does have a sense of humor: