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Monday Bantering: Bits of Blue Jays Stuff

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MLB: APR 17 Blue Jays at Royals - Game 1

There isn’t much for Jays' news so far today. I have the Red Sox/White Sox game on. With the Jays playing the Red Sox the next two days, I figured I’d scout. I would suggest they don’t leave every pitch down the center of the strike zone. After watching Giolito, I can state that they can hit those.

The season is going exactly the way we thought it would, right? Jays have the best ERA in the AL and the bats have been intermittent would be the best term I guess.

Things can only get better when George Springer and Teoscar Hernandez get back. I’d love them to tell us that Springer will be back for tomorrow’s game, but if not he should be back soon after. And Teoscar’s ten days are over soon, so, provided he tests negative and is symptom-free, he should be back soon.

And, considering their career stats, at some point Semien, Biggio, Gurriel, Tellez, Kirk, and Jansen should get hitting. As well as ‘don’t get fooled by a hot start’, don’t get fooled by a slow start should be a mantra as well. Gurriel and Tellez have been streak hitters. Semien seems like he’s all or nothing at the moment. I thinking he’ll come around. Kirk, I’d like him to get some consistent at-bats, but his job description doesn’t exactly give that, and if you want consistent at-bats, you have to earn them. Jansen seems to be having good at-bats, but not good contact. Biggio, well, it always seems he gets the most out of his talents, and I think he’ll work his way out of this. Or maybe I just don’t want Keith Law and all to be right. Not that I think it is bad that he has a different opinion on a player, it would be boring if we all thought the same.

Let’s do a poll:


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Kaitlyn McGrath, in the Athletic, has a long piece on Vladimir Guerrero’s hot start. These charts are fun:

I feel like writing 100 times “I will not be fooled by a hot start”, but Vlad does seem like a different player. More line drives, lower ground ball rate, as many walks as strikeouts. And he is having fun (it is easier to have fun when you are hitting .389). His defense has been much better. I still say he shouldn’t play third unless there is some sort of emergency. Vlad is the guy you put at one spot and leave him there. Have the rest of the guys move around to suit him.

All the suggestions that he play third reminds me of when Gibby had Edwin Encarnacion play left field and he almost got injured. I’m not ‘manager should be fired cause he did something I don’t like’ guy, but if you move your star to a different position and he gets hurt, you should pack your bags.

It could be worse, we could be Yankees fans (well, I couldn’t but others could I guess):