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Friday Bantering: Injury updates

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

There isn’t a ton of Jays' news so far today. I know as soon as I hit publish, they will start announcing things. There was a bunch of injury updates last night:

  • George Springer is to play in an intrasquad game in Dunedin today. If all goes well, he could join the team this weekend, but I think it is more likely to happen after the weekend.
  • Teoscar Hernandez gets another Covid test today. If it comes back negative, the team will evaluate his fitness to play and go there. Presuming the Covid didn’t weaken him, he could be back right away. If not, sometime next week.
  • Nate Pearson is to pitch in today’s intrasquad game, 2-3 innings. Then, all going well, he will throw 3-5 innings next week, and then they can decide if he needs one more or if he can join the team.
  • Ross Stripling could be added to the roster anytime.
  • Julian Merryweather is further away. He won’t throw for two weeks, and then they will evaluate again. But then it shouldn’t take long to get him up to speed after he does. With luck, could he be back near the end of May?
  • Tyler Chatwood should be activated soon, maybe today.

I’m sure the team will look at anyone who can throw a ball harder than me.

Shi Davidi talked to Cavan Biggio about his banged-up right hand. He also talks about the changes to his approach at the plate.

“That’s what pitchers try to do, they try to get you to chase that pitch down, that pitch up, that pitch you can’t hit,” says Biggio, who believes his swing is better now than it’s been in previous seasons.

“I feel like I can hit more pitches now. I was just coming out of myself a little bit early on in the season. I was a little uncomfortable at the plate.”

A desire to punish pitchers who would steal early-count strikes because of his perceived passivity last year makes sense. He needs to counter the adjustments the league has made to him.

Our old friend Aaron Sanchez threw 5 scoreless innings yesterday, allowing just 2 hits, no walks with 2 strikeouts.

Fangraphs shows his velocity is way down (4-seam fastball averaging 90.1 and all his other pitches down the same). I wonder if this is a decision on his part to keep his arm healthy or something that’s happened because his arm isn’t all that healthy.

I need something to watch on Netflix or one of the streaming services. I’ve been watching things that I have seen before lately. If you have anything to suggest, I’d appreciate it.