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Wednesday Bantering: Springer Back Tonight

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New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Last night’s was one of my favorite games ever.

Personally, I’d have left Trent Thornton in longer. It would be nice if they could stretch him out to go five innings, but if they are going to take him out after two each start, that isn’t going to happen.

Using 6 relievers in a game is unsustainable, but none of them threw more than 26 pitches. I think the plan was to have Milone go longer than the one inning he threw, but then he wasn’t good.

Going with Dolis in the ninth was interesting. I’d guess that the three-batter rule was part of the reasoning. If Romano couldn’t find the strike zone by the time they could bring in Dolis, the tying run would be at the plate, but I wish they would have shown some faith in Jordan.

This is good news, though I’d rather they wait until Friday now:

Vladimir Guerrero had a night last night:

And apparently, seventh youngest ever to hit three home runs in a game. It makes me feel good that the first three on the list are in the Hall of Fame:

I think the coolest part is that, with the double-play ball, in the first inning, Vlad had four 100 MPH balls in four at-bats. I doubt that has been done very often.

An old friend also homered yesterday:

Breaking T already has a tee-shirt. If you use this link, a handful of cheese doodles makes its way back to Bluebird Banter.