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Friday Bantering: Hernandez to be Activated

Los Angeles Angels v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

There is good news:

Ben Wagner tells us that Teoscar Hernandez will be activated for tonight's game (7:30 Eastern) and will play right field.

It is nice to be getting some players off the IL instead of constantly adding players to the IL.

Speaking of players on the IL, Nate Pearson has been activated and optioned to the Bisons. It is a move that surprised me. I figured that he would join the Jays when they figured he was ready to play, straight from the Alternate Site. Or, if not that, be sent to the Bisons on a rehab assignment, saving the team from having to use up an option. I’d be curious to have it explained by the club. I guess it doesn’t matter, but I’m curious.

I’m hoping he will make one start with the Bisons and then join the Jays.

You’ve likely heard by now, but the Jays are going to start their evening games in Dunedin at 7:30 to make it easier on the third baseman, who had to look into the sun to see the ball off the bat for the first inning or two. I hope it helps. OF course, it means we’ll have to up a bit later to see the end of the games. But then, I’m in the west, so I’m ok with it.

In the stuff I never thought I’d see category:

The big surprise to me, it that there is still a People magazine.