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Tuesday Bantering: Today’s lineup and notes

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Texas Rangers Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Four games into the Blue Jays season and we’ve watched four good baseball games. Lost one, but it was still a good game. We had enough managerial moves to question. We’ve had great defense, lousy defense, amazing pitching performances, hot hitting, cold hitting. I’ve even been called a racist because I don’t like sac bunts (a leap in logic that defies gravity).

There isn’t all that much for Blue Jays news out there. Danny Jansen’s injury is still being called day-to-day. I think we might see more of Alejandro Kirk over the next few days. I’m ok with that but didn’t want Danny to get hurt to cause it to happen.

Tanner Roark starts tonight. I’m curious to see him this year. Last year was such a weird thing that I’m willing to forgive and forget....or I will try my hardest to forget. I’m giving him a clean slate until he shows us if he deserves it.

Tonight’s lineup:

If you are looking for your afternoon laugh:

George Springer took live batting practice today, off Travis Bergen, AJ Cole, and Joel Payamps. He is getting closer to being able to play.

Apparently, the Yankees are sending two prospects to Texas. I’m assuming the word prospects is being used loosely. Texas is continuing to pay his entire salary.

I’m sure you have all heard but Fernando Tatis dislocated his shoulder swinging the bat in yesterday’s Padres game. I don’t know that I’ve heard of that happening before, but I’d imagine it has.

And in news about Canadian Hall of Famers: