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Monday Bantering: Pearson down, Beasley Up

Toronto Blue Jays v Houston Astros Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

In the ‘I can’t believe this’ category of Blue Jays news: The team has decided to send Nate Pearson back to Buffalo and bring up reliever Jeremy Beasley.

I hate them sending him down after a bad start. A great way to have him worry that any bad start will have him sent out in the future. They have done this with hitters before, make them worry that any bad game will get them demoted. Looking over your shoulder doesn’t make it easy to play.

Beasley was DFAed by the Diamondbacks back in April and traded to the Jays for cash. He pitched to 3 batters for Arizona, giving up 2 hits.

Tanner Roark has signed with the Braves. I’m kind of surprised they want him, but Max Fried has an 8.44 ERA. And Mike Soroka is not going to be back soon.

The Athletic has their ‘Power Ranking’ out. The Blue Jays are #10, up from 12th last week. They have an interesting metaphor for George Springer’s early season:

Imagine Lucy yanking that football away from Charlie Brown for four full weeks, but then letting him really kick it for a few days, with a couple of those kicks going a long way on a beautiful Saturday in Florida. But just when a sense of hope was taking hold, that no-good Lucy pulled the football away again, and poor Charlie landed right back on his keester.

That’s pretty fair.

The Red Sox are in the number 1 spot, which isn’t something I’d have expected before the season. Yankees 8th. Rays 14th. Orioles 27th. About the Orioles:

And every fifth day, John Means goes to the mound.

Today’s lineup: