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Tuesday Bantering: Dolis Returns

Toronto Blue Jays v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

After an off-day yesterday, we have Jays and Red Sox tonight.

Rafael Dolis is back tonight from the IL. Nick Allgeyer was sent out yesterday, so there was an open spot.

Rowdy Tellez hasn’t been put on the IL, I’m hoping that is good news for Rowdy. I really thought he would be out for a bit. He won’t be in the lineup tonight.

And Joe Panik is just about ready to return.

In a season of Tony La Russa things, this is the most Tony La Russa:

“There will be a consequence”. Yes Tony, let’s punish the guy for hitting a home run. As Daffy Duck says:

It sounds like Kevin Pillar is as well as could be hoped after yesterday's pitch to the nose. Multiple nasal fractures don't sound fun but it could have been much much worse. The Mets picked up Cameron Maybin today.

Tonight’s lineup. Espinal in at third, which has happened a few times with Ryu pitching:


Already a lineup change. Biggio will DH, not play right, Gurriel will go to left, Hernandez to right.