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Today’s Game Canceled, Double-Header Tomorrow

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Cleveland Indians David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The weather kills more baseball.

I was looking forward to today’s game. Oh well, maybe I’ll get in a much-needed bike ride.

They will play a double-header tomorrow (and Cleveland already had a double-header Monday, they will be running through the pitchers), starting at 1:00 Eastern. I’m not that big a fan of 7-inning games, but then I would like time to do something else tomorrow.

I hope Terry Francona’s kid’s wedding isn’t rained out. I hear that rain on your wedding day is ironic in some way that I don’t really understand.

So use this as an open thread to discuss anything you feel like. Maybe why there aren’t retractable roofs on all MLB stadiums.

Or give your best guesses on what will happen in tonight’s Leafs/Habs game.

Or tells us what you are watching on Netflix. I’ve just started the last season of Lucifer, a series I’ve enjoyed. I’m looking forward to Sandman, but hopefully, I can get through the comic run before they release it. Neil Gaiman is making a ton of money off having his stuff translated to TV.