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Friday Bantering: Tellez Back?

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Ben Wagner tells us that Rowdy Tellez is heading to Houston to join the club for tonight’s game. Ben is the only one posting this news, but I’d imagine he wouldn’t lie to us. Right?

It sounds like Panik will end up on the IL, but likely for a short time, not much more than the ten days (retroactive to his last game).

Rowdy had a home run and a double yesterday in the Thunder Bisons game. In three games in Trenton, Rowdy has a .300/.462/.800 line (just 13 PA). With the Blue Jays, he was hitting .183/.222/.267 before being sent down.

Panik had a .226/.241/.302 line in 54 PA. He started reasonably well but hit just.130 in his last eight games.

Welcome back, Rowdy. I hope it is to stay.

Minor Leaguer tells us that there is going to be a Roy Halladay Field in Highview Park.

Bleed Cubbie Blue has a story about a rule change I missed. MLB teams can no longer play games under protest anymore. Very rarely do protests succeed, 15 times in the last 110 years. Those of you as old as me will remember the George Brett pine tar game, which resulted in an upheld protest.

Interestingly, they have done away with the protest rule. Umpires can make mistakes, and this gave teams a way to see if they could be rectified.