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Davis to Paternity List, Espinal Up

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

A little bit of Jays news:

  • Jonathan Davis has run off to be with a new baby. Congratulations Jonathan (I haven’t met Mr.April, you think?).
  • Santiago Espinal comes back to the team.
  • Travis Bergen threw some pitches to Danny Jansen. Both of them are on the IL.
  • And:

The MLB has come out with their ruling on ‘foreign substances’:

Any pitcher caught using foreign substances will get a 10-game suspension (paid). But the team will not be able to replace him on the active roster. So the team will play one man down for 10 games.

Umpires are to do ‘regular checks’ of the pitchers, generally when they are heading off the mound between innings.

Rosin will still be allowed, but not sunscreen and rosin. Players will not be allowed to use sunscreen after sunset or in indoor stadiums. Good thing Sunscreen Boy is retired.

I’ll admit, I don’t truly care about this. I do wish that if they wanted to they could have done this at the start of the season.

And Espinal is in the lineup tonight. I was hoping to see the Bison’s lineup by now. We’ll post in the GameThread.