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Tuesday Bantering: The Return of Springer

Toronto Blue Jays v Houston Astros Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

It is more or less official (as I type this the team hasn’t announced it) that George Springer will be back in the lineup tonight.

He did a media session this afternoon. He apparently told Charlie Montoyo that he shouldn’t mess with Semien, Bichette, and Guerrero at the top of the lineup.

Springer will be batting fifth tonight and playing CF.

And there is this:

Springer hit .200/.294/.600 in the four games he played with the Jays earlier in the season. And hit .176/.222/.235 in his five rehab games with the Bisons.

Play USA sent me a note saying the surveyed 2000 MLB fans across the US, asking about MLB uniforms.

They voted the Blue Jays logo as the best in baseball and their home uniform as the 19th best.

USA Today tells us that a company is promoting a ball mudder machine that would, hopefully, make the ‘mudding’ of baseballs more consistent and uniform. And they could add something that would discol