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Baltimore Orioles v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Kevin Hoffman/Getty Images

Orioles 6 Blue Jays 5 10 innings

That was frustrating.

Up by four in the eighth, the game should have been won.

Tyler Chatwood in. He’s been on a good stretch, hadn’t given up a run in his last eight appearances (no hits and 2 walks in those eight appearances). But then he walks the first two batters. Then gets a strikeout. And, I thought, a needed double-play ball, but it goes straight through, and a run scored.

Out goes Tyler, in comes Tayler Saucedo. Maybe not who I would have liked, but then he was up throwing before the inning, so he was warm. I might have stuck with Chatwood, but then I can understand not having faith.

Tayler gets another ball I thought was a double-play ball, but it goes through, and another run scores. Then a double and the game is tied. A fly-out ends Saudedo’s night.

Jordan Romano comes in and gets the third out.

Now we could have, should have, had another run. In the seventh, Lourdes Gurriel and Reese McGuire started things off with singles. Marcus Semien drove them in with a double. And he went to third on a Bo Bichette ground out. Buck and Pat talked about how great Bo was to ‘give himself up’ going the other way. Personally, we a runner in scoring position, I don’t want Bo ‘giving himself up’ but I think he was trying to get a hit.

Anyway, one out, runner on third, Vlad and Teoscar coming up, we should score the run. We didn’t. But then we didn’t think it would matter.

We scored a run in each of the second, third, and fourth innings. George Springs homered in the second, Vlad homered in the third, and a Randal Grichuk triple, Lourdes Gurriel single got our run in the third.

In the Manfredingly stupid, start a runner on second, extra innings:

Trent Thornton got the tenth. He got a popup and then gave up a walk. “Not a bad idea” says Pat, “sets up the double play”. Terrible idea says Tom, get this out and get the next out, that’s the double play I want. Trent did get a ground ball but too softly hit for a double play. Two outs, runners on the corners. A walk loaded the bases and I’m starting to think I could watch the hockey game instead of this. He bounces the first pitch to the next guy and I’m yelling, but he comes back to get two strikes. Then he wastes a pitch and misses with a pitch. Full count. Fouled off strike. Popup in foul ground, Randal gets there, but it goes off his glove (kill me please). Hard to believe he missed the catch. And (surprise) ball four, run in. A ground out finally ended the inning.

I don’t know, you gotta make that catch. It was a very important moment.

Jays start the bottom of the inning with Semien on second and the big bats up. They’ll score, right?

Bo up. He walks on four pitches.

Vlad up. He hit into an easy double play. Way too easy.

Teoscar. He chases strike three.

Hard to believe those three couldn’t score a runner from second with no outs.

Jays of the Day: Manoah (.246 WPA) and Romano (.224)

Suckage: Saucedo (-.341), Semien (-.235), Vlad (-.242) and Teoscar (-.233). And Chatwood (-.087, but it was worse than that).

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