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Friday Bantering: Tice Traded

Miami Marlins v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Kevin Hoffman/Getty Images

There are tiny bits of Blue Jays news:

  • Ty Tice, recently DFAed to make room for Carl Edwards Jr. has been traded to the Braves for ‘cash considerations’. My usual line is that they considered paying cash and decided against it. I don’t know that Edwards is an upgrade over Tice, but I don’t think there is a big difference.
  • The team tells us they will soon be above the 85% vaccinated mark that allows them to lift some of the Covid protocols. They need to get to 85% and then wait two weeks, so I’m not sure if they mean they have hit the 85% or soon will hit 85%. Getting to that point (and beyond) might help if they want to talk the Canadian government into letting them play in Toronto. On the very very positive side, I’m booked for my second shot.
  • I would imagine, if you are a player who isn’t getting the vaccine, you better be a regular. A utility player or the last man in the bullpen would likely get the boot if he doesn’t take it, especially if the team is close to the line. I know it might sound like I’m leaving it open for debating the vaccine, I’m not. Unless you have a degree in immunology or something similar, we aren’t debating.
  • There has been a fair bit of talk about what the Jays need at the trade deadline. I’m all for picking up a good third baseman unless the team feels they can call up Austin Martin or Jordan Groshans. I’m sure that’s not the plan, but I would be ok if one of them forced the team to make the move.
  • If you want to vote for Vlad, Marcus, Teoscar, Bo, Randal, Lourdes or any other Blue Jays hitter into the All-Star game, the ballot is here.

  • This looks familiar. Part of a 14-4 Dominican Republic win over Venezuela today. Canada plays the US at 7 tonight.