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Jays weekend recap

A look back at a busy weekend for our Blue Jays

Texas Rangers v Toronto Blue Jays - Game 2 Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

Miss a weekend and you miss a lot. I didn’t miss the whole weekend of games, but we went up to Edmonton. My wife’s niece had a bridal shower. And I got to see my parents. I made a mistake, I told my wife to drop me off at West Edmonton Mall while she was at the shower, and it was crowded like it was the week before Christmas. Few masks and shoulder to shoulder with people. I wasn’t ready for crowds like that yet. But, I found a quiet place to sit and have a very leisurely lunch.

Anyway, we had three games, scored 25 runs, hit ten home runs. Vlad had three. Lourdes hit a grand slam. And Danny Jansen hit his fifth of the season. Danny is hitting .286/.333/.714 since coming back from the IL, but he will have to continue that for two months before any of us buy it.

And our pitching staff only allowed two runs in the 23 innings of work. Our starters went 18.2 scoreless innings.

And there were roster moves:

  • Surprisingly to me, Breyvic Valera was called up. I’ve been wanting Kevin Smith, so, of course, we get Breyvic. But then he was hitting .313/.406/.460 in 41 games for the Bisons. And he can play anywhere. But he is 29 and has a .587 OPS in the majors.
  • Anthony Davis got sent down and then added as the 27th man for the second game of yesterday’s doubleheader. I think Davis is the perfect player to have on the roster to put at second in extra innings, but I suppose that isn’t enough to keep a guy on the roster, especially when you are hitting .143 with no power.
  • Ryan Borucki is back.
  • Joel Payamps got DFAed, which seems strange, on the surface, since he had a 2.70 ERA. But then, it is more about what they think he’ll do in the future, not what he did in 22 games.
  • And Nick Allgeyer was also DFAed. We really didn’t get a chance to know him.

If I could ask, I’d like Thomas Hatch to be the next one to be called up.

Fifth-round Jays pick Irv Carter signed for $850,000, a fair bit over the $350,300 slot value of his spot:

Number 1 pick Gunnar Hoglund and 3rd pick Chad Dallas have both signed. Hoglund for $3, 247,500 (slot $3,359,000) and Dallas for $497,300 (slot $473,700).

I owe Buck and Pat an apology, they have never said anything as stupid as ARod did yesterday:

And, of course, baseball will be back in Toronto in 11 days. A ton of work has to be done, and attendance is limited to 15,000 fans. But it is baseball back on our side of the border.