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Roster moves : Chatwood to IL, Murphy down, Allgeyer, Castro up

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Toronto Blue Jays Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Sitting at home all day, and as I go out, the Jays make news...

Anthony Castro and Nick Allgeyer have been called up.

Tyler Chatwood has been sent to the IL with CAD....a sore neck.

Patrick Murphy has been sent down to ThunderBisons.

In Chatwood's case they can have him rehab, when ready to throw, and figure things out.

In my mind Chatwood is yelling at Montoyo... 'it isn't bothering me!' at this very moment.

I would add in the lineups but posting from my phone. Big news, Springer hitting 4th, and Teoscar 5th. I don't know why.


UPDATE: Some other news on one of the Blue Jays top prospects, Gabriel Moreno: