Athletic Pubalgia: Somethin's Pearson Near My Pubis. A Conversation With Billy


Well, Billy, it looks like our boy Pearson has a sports hernia.

"A 'Sports Hernia' ", Billy asks. "What's a Sports Hernia and how is it different from the usual kind of hernia and how did our boy get one?"

So, Billy, it's like this: there's all kinds of hernias. The term "hernia" means "to protrude into a space in an obnoxious and painful manner"...wait...that's a definition for Joe West. I get them mixed up. No, a "hernia" is defined as "a condition in which part of an organ is displaced and protrudes through the wall of the cavity containing it (often involving the intestine at a weak point in the abdominal wall)" (Plagiarized From the internet, 2021).


(insert image stolen from the internet)

Lots of things in your body can herniate. Disks in your back, your brain down into spinal cord, your intestines up into your chest. I'm frequently amazed anyone's walking around in one piece, really.

"Wow," says Billy. "Is that why you look like that?"

Shut up, Billy, and pay attention.

Nate Pearson has a "Sports Hernia" also known as "Athletic Pubalgia" which is Latin for "athletics induced pain near my pubis". That's a kind of fancy pantsy hernia. A usual hernia in that area of the body commonly involves your guts slipping down your inguinal canal (the canal your testicles use to travel from your body down into your scrotum when you're near term and ready to be born). Your sack fills up with your guts and you can have a whopping huuuuuuge nard on one or both sides of your sack.

"Wow!" exclaimed Billy, deeply impressed at the thought of having giant nards. "Nate Pearson has giant nards!"

No. No he does not. Well...he might have...but I don't know that he does. It'd be very painful if that happened and its no laughing matter. That's not the problem, though. No one is reporting that he has that. What he has is NEAR that area. Its right on top of it. If you go in a straight line down from your belly button you'll hit your pubic bone first. It kind of sticks out right there just before your junk.

"heh, heh, heh. You said "junk", heh, heh, heh..."

Billy, you watch too much TV. Anyhow, this hernia is in that area. It doesn't usually bulge out but it might if left untreated. If you rest it stops hurting as much. If you do normal, everyday things you can get low grade chronic pain from it. But if you try to sit up or twist suddenly it causes a sharp insistent pain in the area.

"heh, heh, heh. You said "bulge", heh, heh, heh..."


"What causes the bulge (hehehehehehehe)"

Dang it, Billy! This is serious!

Anyhow, that bul...protrusion is caused by intestine pressing into the tear. Its a very late symptom of a sports hernia. Over time it can lead to a regular, inguinal hernia as your intestines slip down your inguinal canal into your nards.

"Giant nards time, right?", Billy asks cheerfully.

"Erm...yes. Giant. But, that's not the issue right now. Nate Pearson has sports hernia only, as far as anyone's said. That kind of thing can be caused by sudden violent twisting and hard core muscle effort.

"Like a pitcher throwing real hard, right?"

Exactly like that. He probably tore his abdominal over his pubic bone at some point while trying to throw 100+ mph.

"Will they have to cut his nards up to fix it?"

Billy, forget about Nate's nards, ok? His nards are not the issue here. And they MAY do surgery to repair the tear. Often you're treated with ice and rest to let the tear heal. You also get anti-inflammatory medications to bring down the swelling and pain. Four to six weeks of therapy and you can resume sports. But, if the problem comes back, then it's off to the surgeon. However, if surgery is required it'll be endoscopic surgery, most likely. The doctors will use small incisions, one usually in the belly button, and go in with cameras and tools and stitch up the tear. Often they also sever the nerve in the area; the inguinal nerve. That relieves pain from the hernia site. If it's surgery you can resume sports six to twelve weeks after.

"Wow. Sure sucks to be Nate Pearson right now, eh?"

I imagine so. However, he has a diagnosis and can begin appropriate treatment and we may even see the youg man back in uniform this season.

"Yeah. Good Luck to Nate's Junk!"



I Am Not A Doctor: I'm an NICU Nurse. Prior to looking all of this information up, I didn't know anything much about sports hernias or even hernias in general. I looked it all up to write this. If you are a physician or an expert in these matters, your input is deeply appreciated. If you feel like suing me because I stole your internet image, well good luck: I'm a working nurse who makes bugger-all and has no money. Also, don't sue Tom or the editors of BBB: they get paid in cheese doodles and have a nasty rash from the scurvy they got from trying to live off those things. Instead, notify me in the comments and I'll remove your images or credit you appropriately, depending on your fancy. If you like I can send you a sack of limes in payment. In fact, I'll just send you a sack of limes. I have lots.

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