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Wednesday Bantering: Real Radio Broadcasts Are Coming Back

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images

There are little bits of Jays news before the start of game one of today’s double-header:

  • Patrick Murphy will be the 27th man for today’s doubleheader. I thought it would be just for the second game but Jays are saying for both games of the doubleheader.

And the big, and very good news:

I haven’t listened to the radio broadcasts much (and when I have I’ve switched over to the other team’s broadcast pretty quick because I didn’t know what was going on when listening to the Jays broadcast).

I wondered if we would ever get a real radio broadcast again. I figure Rogers would continue to choose a minor cost saving over quality. I’m guessing that advertisers complained.

I wonder who they will have working with Ben Wagner?

There are lots of trade rumors. The one that keeps coming up is Gallo. I would enjoy getting to watch him play daily.

Today’s lineup:

The folks at Foco have a Vladimir Guerrero MVP All-Star bobblehead, complete with ‘crystal bat’. It is a limited edition, just 360 have been made.