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Rangers trade Gallo to Yankees

Texas Rangers v Toronto Blue Jays Photo by Joshua Bessex/Getty Images

It doesn’t sound like it is official yet, but likely close enough. Joey Gallo is one guy I really would have liked for the Blue Jays, even if we are up to our arm pits in outfielders. Every OOTP version that comes out, I try to trade for Gallo. Good defense, power and walks....what’s not to like. I guess a high batting average would be ok too, but rarely do you get everything. I do worry a bit about how well he’ll age. Now I’ll cheer for him to age quickly.

Going to the Rangers, well that’s still a bit up in the air, but it looks like:

  • Trevor Hauver: Number 22 on Baseball America’s top 30 Yankees Prospects. Second baseman. He’s 22, LHB, playing in A-Ball, with lots of walks.
  • Glenn Otto: Number 20 on Baseball America’s top 30 Yankees Prospects. RHP. Throws low 90s with a good slider and curve. He’s 25, pitched in AA and AAA this year.
  • Ezequiel Duran: Number 6 on Baseball America’s top 30 Yankees Prospects. A second baseman. He has some power and a good eye at the plate. 22, RHB, in A+.
  • Everson Pereira: Number 24. OF. 20 year old, RHB, in the Rookie League
  • Randy Vasquez: He’s 22, RHP, in A ball. Not in BA’s Top 30.
  • Josh Smith: #8 on BA’s Yankees list: A SS, good bat. 24 next week. LHB, playing in A-Ball.

No sure things, but some good-looking players. I don’t know what the Blue Jays equivalents might be. But I’m sure you would be talking Gabriel Moreno and Orelvis Martinez to start, though they are better prospects.


There are changes.